Alun Alun Indonesia is a one-stop shopping experience which Is created as a window to Indonesia in a form of “Indonesian Stage” to display world-class cultural and contemporary products which are inspired by the richness of Indonesia’s culture and heritage, delivering local value and contemporary Spirit. This is the principle behind the overall concept of Alun Alun Indonesia. Alun Alun Indonesia provides a cross-generation center for shopping, recreation, learning and nostalgia. Alun Alun Indonesia Is an innovative speciality store offering high quality Indonesian products, which are based on culture and heritage, with the tagline “Inspiring Innovations”.


A replica of Rockefeller Plaza fountain and its spectacular light and sound show. Located at West Mall level 3A, the dancing fountain show begins at 12.00 noon until 21.00 PM on the weekends and from 12.00 noon until 20.00 PM on the weekdays.


Since 1992,Bakti Budaya Djarum Foundation has been supporting over 2.000 Indonesian cultural events in collaboration with many Indonesian artists. In October 2013,Bakti Budaya Djarum Foundation launched a cultural public space, Galeri Indonesia Kaya, offering a new experience to enjoy Indonesian culture through multimedia digital technology. Located at West Mall level 8 (near CGV Blitz),Galeri Indonesia Kaya offers information about Indonesian culture that can be shared online. This place is equipped with a 150-seat auditorium which can be used for Indonesian cultural performance. Customers are free to come and experience Galeri Indonesia Kaya every day from 10.00 to 21.30. For event registration and inquiry, go to www.indonesiakaya.com.

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